EVE: First fairy steps…

Early Days: 1

At last I got further than the first page of the character creation screen, I was so excited that I forgot to take screenies! I had my first space exploring character since Commander Tsunami from my ELITE playing days over 25 years ago! Thursday TSU was created, named after the main protagonist in The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare by G. K. Chesterton. White haired and not beardy enough, but dressed in black and grey looks suitably cyberpunk, will try to find portraits to post soon.


Finally am airborne, well vacuum floating, and my wife’s computer is struggling, interaction is still pretty with almost all graphic frills turned off, the heavenly backdrop is the most inspirational. Already the chat window is buzzing with comments… Aura the AI assistant is offering help in the form of opportunities…‘TAKE A LOOK AROUND’, the first has  popped up about looking around which I finally stumble through, amazingly I struggle the most with the first and easiest: moving the camera with the mouse and left button depressed… it fails to tick off and my completionist tendencies want it DONE! It eventually gets done after a lot of camera rotating!


Net time to move…double click in space and off my little newbie ship goes… not exactly an earth shattering experience…by rotating the camera and trying to find an object I eventually find an object to ‘approach’


This is gonna get kaleided!


Look how fast!

OK by trial and error I find the fastest way to find objects is via that box on the right called, ‘who the fuck knows?’, let’s call it the OBJECT SELECTOR BOX… So moving onto the combat opportunity I can select a red bandit and set to orbit at 500m and within 3k can open fire…then wreck appears in the ‘Object Selector Box’ I select, choose open cargo, and when within range I can select to ‘Loot All’ nice, wash and repeat and 3 red bandits are dead! OK not so hard.

Now am prompted to find my ‘Character Sheet’ to start some training…where the hell is that? I eventually find it by trial and error…whoot I start training Gunnery…can only train 1 day during the free trial so that was that.

Time for work more adventures in EVE ONLINE soon.


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