EVE: Getting Stabalized…

Early Days: 2

Just started EVE Online and its not the easiest game to get into. As a young kid its nice to hold Mummy’s hand while walking along the path beside the busy road! In EVE, Mummy is likely to push you into the road and expect you to figure out how to get back to safety. There is little explanation of the signposts or dangers, how to avoid and/or engage perils is an ‘in at the deep end’, ‘sink or swim’ experience. It is rewarding in that when it works it adds a whole other layer of self appreciation to the accomplishment. It can be tiring as after one barrier is broken down another is inevitably encountered.

So Day 2 of Thursday TSU was spent docking, selling, buying, undocking, mining, docking, selling, buying, equipping, undocking, chatting, mining, docking, selling… …and I still don’t have enough for the skill I need to get online the Inertia Stabilizers – the LOW item I installed!


Reject from 80’s pop band…with attitude!

2015. 2015.




After moving I sold the afterburner which I kinda regretted!

SO off to mine next, obviously need to undock which is not clear from the training hints, neither is accessing the mining objects tab and finding an asteroid is simple once you work it out but in the beginning slightly confusing!


After mining time to do a bit of buying and selling!


I presume I cannot sell this instantly…?


LOW slot…that foxed me for quite a while as the market has no classification or clue as to what is an item that can be fitted to the HIGH, MED or LOW mountings!

With all this buying and selling it would be nice to have a quick way to view how much DOSH I actually have…er ISK! (For all I know it is in front of my eyes…)


Updated my skill queue…but long term plans need constant supervision!

Skills, skills, skills, I have no idea what to pick so am flying blind and trusting instinct.


another kaleide possibility!


I want to train HULL Upgrades and I cannot afford! So more mining runs needed.


The Training opportunities suggest I need to use the Stargate but I think I will do some more mining and get that hull upgrades skill and get my Inertia Stabilizers working…

EVE ONLINE, like when Mummy is teaching you to ride a bike, it helps to fit stabilizers…








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