EVE: Opportunity of DEATH!

After a little starmap hokey pokey, jiggery pokery mainly caused by a noob being exposed to such a vast and detailed map of star systems that the my first destination was reduced to a meaningless random stab in the dark, I backtracked to an earlier star system.  Here I too the next ‘opportunity’: Engines of Creation. So first mine some ore from an asteroid, now EASY, return to a starbase, unload and instead of selling, reprocess…OK! DONE. Now what… Blueprint…OMG I have no idea of which if any blueprint I should get and even if I can afford it! Rookie chat channel consulted and the fact I am doing the tutorial is poo pooed so I decide to take a mission…


Neocom autohide turn OFF! As a NOOB having the Neocon vanish all the time became a real chore. I eventually found an off switch, right there at the top of the screen!

OK here we go on another learning curve…whee! First find an agent, none in system, OK use find agent tool and it tells me which system to go to, I do this manually but realize I could have clicked on tool and used link there to set destination to star system with the agent. Well I get there, I get to the station and I have a chat with the agent, MISSION accepted 🙂


This time I use the internal destination link to set destination. Undock and autopilot there.


After floating about for a while expecting hostiles to trickle in I realize I must activate the jump for the ‘encounter’ to start. I was quickly outnumbered and my rookie ship outgunned! My first ever EVE Online DEATH occurred…


Death was quick and I got to enjoy my first flight in a pod!


And my first ever free replacement rookie ship…sans stabilizers!


Another Opportunity done though, great a tutorial that plans to make you FAIL!


Only 5 and a half to go….


2 thoughts on “EVE: Opportunity of DEATH!

  1. I gave up on the Opportunities thing and went straight to the nearest Career Agents (I think you can find the nearest ones if you hit F12). If you work through the different paths you get a load of basic skill books, ships, and modules (and ISK) as rewards and you automatically complete a lot of the opportunities. May save you some time?

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