EVE: Faction Agent, industrial mountain from mining molehills

Thursday TSU’s EVE online adventure continues…


huge animated billboards in space…will have to fly closer one day for some kind of Bladerunner effect…

Using the starmap again I moved to COUSTER II to start Gallente EVE UNI: faction agents missions that I may be able to complete and as suggested from my EVE Online online reading. I decided to take the industrial mission to create Mountains out of Molehills first as I have been comfortable mining asteroids so far…


Getting to Couster II

Finding an asteroid was tricky at first all asteroid fields were weirdly empty locally!, I’d missed the point where it was required to go to a certain location so I ended up jumping star systems to find asteroids to mine, after unloading these back in Federal Navy Academy and no mission progression being made I then reread the mission and found the ‘destination site’ to get to mine the asteroid. Back to station and mission done (also completes another ‘opportunity’ nice!) . So new mining laser… eventually swapped out the old, menu juggling is vital part of EVE.


SO far so good…

Next part 2,  more mining and some reprocessing, which was unnecessary as I had enough already mined…enough so new frigate received (more later) and a skill to fly it, bumped that to top of queue, 8 mins to burn so part 3 taken using a blueprint provided (another opportunity completed) only to find that I needed industry skill as well to process the blueprint and construct them. Another 20-30 mins in total so yet more mining carried out. I was eventually able to construct the 2 asked for afterburners.


After completion cargo extension, that’s going on my mining vessel!


I wonder if CAT sponsor this ship…looks like a workhorse!

My VENTURE : all those empty slots need items, was disappointed to realize I could only fit 2 mining lasers. Links with build advice:





Making a mountain out of molehills continues, I will have to do some more online reading to discover how to rename my little mining vessel… will I need insurance this early in the game and those clones in case I die, do I need to update them?

Questions, questions, but I won’t make a mountain out of them…

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