EVE: a Tron?

TRONnot eve online

Mission 8 completed at a price and for such basic missions I am making a real mess of them…


Today my newly equipped Atron, insured after a pile of research, was destroyed…and it didn’t look like the insurers paid out! It was my fault, I had arrived at a rendezvous to find bodies floating in space I didn’t realize the damage was coming from just being close to the Inn, I couldn’t work out who was attacking me… and then panic set in which prevented me from warping out quick enough!


The repair unit is the biggest drain on capacitor!

Thursday TSU has a whole bunch of skills that need levelling… the atron took an age to fit as I struggled with capacitor issues, eventually fitted a small capacitor, purchased capacitor recharger needed another skill. 2 blasters and a railgun were used…quite deadly in combination… would love to be able to lock multi targets or twin blasters instead of having to give fire and reload instruction separately. From further reading today looks like I would be better to just have 3 of the same and just stick to 1 strategy…



After running Cash Flow to Capsuleers 4-8 all those wrecks floating in space after the space dust had cleared left me in a state of apoplexy as I wanna salvage em all… gonna wrap this and do some salvaging training next.

25 million in the bank 🙂


25 million ISK player donation 🙂

Thanks to a mystery player donor has helped greatly to open up equipment options only to be held back with lacking skills…and to be honest advanced equipment is too demanding for the small ships I am flying… and the choice, oh fuck does the choice make things tricky in EVE. Too much of a good thing so early on in game…

SO 11 days left of free trial (another weekend of family and NO gaming at ALL!)  and I was buzzing to get back into EVE Online Monday before work but I must admit the lust is there always but the reality is generally slightly less rewarding… knowing that I am still in training with a cliff approaching is also a daunting prospect…

Being in Argentina with horrible inflation, any purchases in real currency are too expensive and I am pretty sure my wife will not be unlocking the credit card for EVE Online subscription, so will probably drift back to LOTRO until:

1: get back to civilization and I have purchased a PC that does EVE justice.


2: have money enough to wantonly throw at a game!

But first 11 more days to go of FREE TRIAL 🙂 It may not be TRON but this VR dimension is pretty dammed good 🙂

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