EVE: R Y Angel


On our own trip
On our emerald ship we sail away
The ocean holds a thousand tales untold
With this love
It’s easy come and easy go
Just like the way we were
Before the fall

I don’t see the reason why
Every angel must fly
I’m betrayed by the tear in my eye
In my eye

Hey angel
Don’t be afraid to earth your heart
When I see love descending like a dove
Confusion, the song you hear the blackbird sing
You fly to the sun
And you’re going to burn your wings

You’re flying too high
Just see the reason why
The angel must fly
No more tears in my eye
We can live in the sky

All About Eve – Every Angel Lyrics

Brit goth band from the early 90’s, used to have it on a mix tape from my then GF, so was a real blast from the past! Amazing how they could have been singing about EVE ONLINE so long ago…

I think I may name all my ships angels from now on…

Beggars the question where do angels go when they die?

 ‘Atron Angel I’ died due to stupidity today… rest in pieces but be assured there will be more 🙂


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