EVE: atron II, a triple blaster!

So Thursday TSU was busy today refitting a new Atron… following a basic 3 blaster close range brawler build.

Thrice as much fun!

Thrice as much fun!

Limited Light Ion Blaster I / Federation Navy Antimatter S
Limited Light Ion Blaster I / Federation Navy Antimatter S
Limited Light Ion Blaster I / Federation Navy Antimatter S

[OK got these 3 little babies :)…Noob question why Fed Navy Antimatter S – way more expensive, same dmg?]

Upgraded 1MN Microwarpdrive I
Medium Subordinate Screen Stablizer I
Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler I

[Found a 5MN Microwarpdrive, cant fit yet but hope it is usable…Screen Stablizer(Stabilizer?) both not to be found…WTF and finally found a warp scrambler…just dont have the skills again!]

Damage Control I
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

[Damage Control not found…got an auxiliary power core but no skills and again stabilizer not found]

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I

[non of the above were available…will keep looking]

First shopping, amazing how much time you can spend shopping in EVE…


Went for a little trip in search of a warp scrambler…cheapest 2 jumps away so off we go…

Final ship loaded and ready to go (YEAH most of the new items I am yet to train skills for so they will be fitted as TSU skills up!)


Oh yeah! Beaming in!


Can you see me…?


FULL speed ahead!




Missing insurance found! Just realized not insured my new Atron!

And finally ready to wrap up Intro combat missions: CASH for CAPSULEERS… my new Atron II kicked butt, the pirates didn’t really stand a chance, get in close n fast and blast away! I do suspect PVE may get harder and FAST but so far looking promising, again all those drifting wrecks were just asking to be salvaged, must address that soon!


Called into work so instead of wrapping up the last mission I got to sit in rush hour traffic instead!

2 thoughts on “EVE: atron II, a triple blaster!

  1. Love the screenshots! I believe the Federation Navy charges cost more because it’s Faction ammunition. Oh, and when I was looking for the same stabilizer the market screen wouldn’t bring it up because I misspelled it as ‘stabiliser’ – may be worth checking if that’s why it’s not showing 🙂


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