EVE: My first long EVEning


My dearest wife let me play all evening, well after the 2 sons were in slumberland…so 2 and a half hours of almost uninterrupted EVE Online play was had 🙂


This pic got EVERYTHING! Book cover?

SO finally got to wrap up the last Cash for Capsuleers mission.

My Atron II Triple Angel was a blast to zip around in, with afterburner was now over a 1000m/s and I even found a way to link all 3 hybrid blasters! I do get the impression that as your skills improve in game the size of the ship continues to increase but I do hope there are high tech brawler like this ship to be created later in the game… ones that can handle more firepower… I would love to be able to cloak it and be able to fly into battle like a ninja or assassin! Less dreaming and back to reality…




Ring of Fire, not the aftereffects of an especially spicy vindaloo curry after a skinful of beer the night before!

Time to wrap up the Making Mountains out of Molehills for industry this time and boy are these slow… I got to use my mining ship Venture which scared me the first time I started mining as the cargo was not filling, only to realize I had 5000m3 of ore hold! And then the reality of mining started to hit home…with a single miner I blaster at 100m3 a minute this was going to take some time… in fact a SUM of a lot of minutes, as in a long time as in 50mins for a full load…I went and made a cup of tea, I played with the dog, I twiddled my fingers… still not halfway full… er ok sod this back to base… My single blaster was able to fend off the NPC pirates but glad no PVP around as I could not really run away…


miner I and hybrid blaster

After running some delivery missions in my Atron, I was expecting some kind of PVE action, don’t worry, be happy, no random encounters here! The first delivery across 4 or 5 systems, I messed up big time …it ended up being a go there n back and go again as I didn’t contact the agent at destination…thanks for AUTOPILOT (I wonder if you get the inflatable one from Airplane!?)


Drop off and CONTACT!

I also learnt how to link my blasters up:


3 times the fun with 1 click!

Back in my Venture, quickly wrapped up remaining missions… my puny blaster equipped ship put away the NPC pirates with no problem. The required shuttle manufacturing job was a cinch as had enough ores floating around in station to simply build and deliver. The penultimate mission was a real quickie!

A nice vid by ReLoad using a Venture for Low Sec mining (mining laser upgrade mod…nice will look for one of these, don’t need the extra cargo space!) and another cool vid mining rare ores: Not the liveliest voice in the world but clear and informative 🙂

Now the LAST Mountain outta a molehill and a lot of ores are needed, more than I had at hand and I didn’t fancy spending hour mining it so I unfitted the blaster and fitted twin Miner II’s 166m3 each per minute…


2 are better than 1…now need some droids…


U have been scanned!


Maybe get a little closer to the asteroid next time…


See that other ship hiding in the cloud(nebula?)…I was scared by it for a while…


And hostile PVE pirates that just ignore me as I fill up with ORE!


Mountains outta molehills…10 of 10 …roll on!

OK better, needed a lot of ores for the finale mission, had no clue which ores provided which minerals but harvested all I could and refined, what I lacked, the rarer more expensive of course, I bought… and so about to finish got the ship manufacturing with 1.33 mins to go …ER NO…1hr 33 HOURS to go! Oh shit I was not going to get that 200k bonus ISK this time…oh well time for work…


1.33 HOURS! Makes sense but, but, but… oh BUTT!

I wonder if my wife is going to let me play EVE again tonight…maybe I should just run it in the background of NETFLIX!




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