EVE: Noob probe!

Starmad_k Thursday TSU handed in the already completed Navitas to wrap up mountains outta molehills, so the next career agent I chose was for exploration… The first 2 missions were so simple…got a new ship, a Navitas for exploration… (Didn’t I just build and give one of those away!) and a probe launcher and a data analyzer… 2015. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL not to mess up the word order …or you could end up [sic] with: ‘dat iza’ anal probe launcher!  Started exploration 3 with the simple goal of: ‘First up is a Data site, and that means you need to fit to your ship the Civilian Data Analyzer you picked up earlier. Scan down the site with your Scanner Probes, find the container inside and hack it open with the Data Analyzer, then bring the results back to me.’   SO after fitting the probe [You all sniggering!] launcher and data analyser onto the ship I undock and realize WTF where is that data tower, OK lets scan for it, er nothing appears…WTF, EVE ONLINE reading time, sometimes ‘online’ in its name refers to the constant online googling for answers and help… What the EVE Uni wiki says about probing noobs Aha I need to launch some probes… Oh no! No probes in my hold [more sniggering!] so dock again and load all the probes [still sniggering?] undock and try to launch probes…great need to load the launcher as if a gun! Reloaded and probes fired off…all of em! Now check scan…oh look loads of probes floating all over and no clue as what to do next… 2015. er Stick probes here, scan… er 2015. Stick probes there…scan? Analyze? er OK I admit it I am totally stumped so decide its time to go to work… Where I can play EVE ONLINE all day …sans the EVE bit!

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