EVE: Catalysts Cataclysm… Oops!


Oh Dear…

So the first EVE Epic arc has been until this morning a breeze… and as always there is no quick get out of jail button when the shit does hit the fan(I must get used to setting up an escape jump point) so the Lair of Snakes claimed another victim today… I got them down to the last 3 NPC pirates before my 7 guns became insufficient. I had been doing research before undocking about how to improve my catalyst and most of the feedback said GET rid of the salvager…come back and salvage afterwards… so an extra gun would have been quite useful. These are the cheapest rail guns as well…maybe an upgrade is needed. And my 3 low slots are empty…I am quite sure that there are LOW items that would have helped out.

1 more factor may have contributed to my ships demise this morning which is my piloting abilities, I do realize that I have to get better and faster at picking off enemies…

Part of my problem of outfitting ships at this stage of the game is simply the quantity of choices open to you, and the complexity of the outfitting soon sets in when you consider that almost all fittings need varying combinations of skills to have been trained. Also that when I get going in the market I can simply spend my whole morning there and not out in space…

SO tonight (wife permitting) or tomorrow I will be back in that Lair of Snakes to wrap up, maybe in a new catalyst, maybe not…


Bonus now lost…

3 thoughts on “EVE: Catalysts Cataclysm… Oops!

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