EVE: Catalysing AGAIN!!

2015. decided to replace my Catalyst lost yesterday and it took me quite a while to track down most of the fittings… and then it took me quite a few jumps to pick all the pieces up. (Wish I knew how to show all the jumps I did on the star map?) I am not sure I should have fitted long range rails, my CPU ends up being insufficient, so may have to get the cheaper 125mm again…

The above screeny does not show the build with the cap recharger fitted… and I even added a cap rig to help things along. And being grey is boring so I checked that orange skin…WTF is that 200 mil or bil ISK still way too much…space paint is expensive! Grey it is then…

Thanks to EPalmerBrown for the comment:

‘I just did that mission – I used the PvE mission basic fit from this page:http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Catalyst but swapped out 2 of the guns for salvagers. I suspect I’ll need to be less lazy and not try to salvage right after the fight when the missions get tougher though :)’

That eve uni link had good ideas of how to fit and even gives options and skills to train for optimal results…

OK will sort it out and get back to that lair of snakes…

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