EVE: U tube…

Now this is content…game sends in the drifters to disrupt a player gathering…

And more scary as EVESPLORATORY explains maybe the drifters would be interested in the capsuleers graveyard, Molea Cemetery…(another site to visit!)

…and then this oldie: titan graveyard:

another AWESOME site to travel to…

At the same time we have bounties being placed on players heads for not handing over a special item, slightly macabre, the dead body of Dr Hilen Tukoss…


While some players trying to fight fight back, quite unsuccessfully by the looks of it:

Outstanding fact…we are connected…delonewolf – awesome EVE posting…

I wish I felt like that I too impacted EVE at the moment, by no stretch of the imagination or even application of chaos theory would change the fact that any movement I create will not cause a storm far away!



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