EVE: Sisters of FUN

Trying to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground with this post to avoid blogging flights of fantasy, well that is the intention…

So Thursday TSU wrapped up the tutorial (*cough cough) by the end of his first 30 days and now is slowly exploring EVE Online using the first EPIC arc mission provided by the SISTERS of EVE: The Blood-Stained Stars.

CHAPTER 1: Quality of Mercy

After reporting to Sister Alitura in Arnon IX – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Bureau,  I was sent off all over the place to investigate the destruction of a ship and eventual tracking down of survivors…, this included meeting up with other agents and running missions for them, finally missions that could be completed (and taken) remotely, thank the sisters I didn’t have to hop back to Sister Alitura every time…


CHAPTER 2: Automation Impediment

Working now for agent Delphine Xarasier at Harerget V – Moon 1 – CreoDron Factory, more miscellaneous missions were taken including the dammed Lair of Snakes mission which cost me my Catalyst destroyer…


DETOUR: a day and a half was then spent fitting out a replacement catalyst, better than before…

I went back to wrap up the Lair of Snakes to find I had actually completed it during that first fateful encounter… I missed collecting the bonus for quick completion!

So now in new upgraded (and yet experimental 6 long range railguns and 2 closer range just in case) I continued the mission arc without real incident…

CHAPTER 3: Shadow puppets

Having crossed the lines into Caldari space which looks and feels the same as Gallante space, I have continued with the odd but pretty basic hodgepodge of epic missions, nothing of excitement here…


The original blog got too FLONG so I cut it into 2: THE MISSION

And misc screeny gallery:

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