EVE: The Mission

‘Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel’

The Mission – ‘Butterfly on a wheel’

I am finding out that missions in EVE Online are actually very BORING! The only moments of interest have occurred when I have died and when I had to travel around to put together a replacement. The missions themselves are BASIC beyond belief, indeed the essential detail contained within the actual agent briefing and instructions takes longer to read than the actual GAMEPLAY moments the mission provides, the bulk of the rest is travelling between station and destination (and normally back again) so far without incident and with no diversion other than changing the viewpoint. Probably over 90% of my EVE Online time out in space has been under autopilot!

I have enjoyed the more intense combat missions, so far the Lair of Snakes has been my favourite. Yes the same mission I was podded in! When the red icons (You don’t target ships themselves, I suppose you can!) are flowing in and around and you are balancing which ship to target next, which point of reference to base your position from; basically orbit, approach or keep at range. (What no evasive manouevers? I have not ‘flown’ with others and I gather there are no formations…) While watching your shields getting pounded, then your armour, and then your ship crumbling, but the enemy numbers are dwindling too.

Targeting the wrong ship out of optimal range, selecting the wrong ship to approach or keep at range all impart a tactical importance to the proceedings. Coming out of the battle unscathed feels one with a huge boost of confidence in your piloting ability and more importantly your ship fitting skills which is good as after travelling around I find that the rest of the time I am juggling fitting my ship. As the infamous skill queue slowly spits out chosen skills they give small bonuses to using and fitting different equipment.

Another level of inadequacy is added to the whole mission system is what many players refer to as ‘rooms’ these are ‘instances in space’ that you can invite others to by sharing the ‘location’… I am embarrassed to admit I have saved these ‘bookmarks’ but have as yet not found a way of pulling up a list of them to go back to… crucial if I ever start salvaging stuff after the fact! So basically an agent will send you to a ‘room to play’, getting there and back is seemingly inconsequential other than another method of ticking tocs of the clock…EVE Online the incredible flying time sink in space!


Some rooms are opened upon arrival and others add a jumpgate, some include a chain of rooms and gates… So basically a ‘dungeon in space’ although keeping the fantasy MMO flavour, a dungeon you don’t need to find and there is no exploration while getting there, and a linear dungeon with no sense of exploration other than the most primitive of ‘clear room’ to progress to next ‘room’… Ultimately it does not matter that the room is huge and that walls are invisible, giving a majestic view of the cosmos, game play is reduced to enter room kill monsters open door to next room. Where are the choices and the interaction? What sense of immersion does this give?

Sounds like I am not having fun in EVE Online, wrong! I just think the game could be much more fun!

Other commentators are mentioning the fall in subscribers within the game, a sense of an ever expanding universe which is maybe not all useful anymore at the stage the game is suffering from BLOAT, too much stuff is not always a good thing!

Others complain about that the NEW PLAYER experience is too poor (and I fall into this camp), that to survive EVE Online needs new players and to do that they need a better introduction to the game, as the game has become more complicated some form of streamlining is required to get new players to parts of the game they can enjoy without having to endure other parts that they are not interested in…

There is a mystique about EVE that I have been exposed to every time I ever heard about it, it is difficult, not for everyone, it can be tricky, you will find it hard, you will fall off difficulty cliffs, you will start off a little fish in a huge ocean. All of this stuff I had heard and I didn’t find it off putting, it is an attractive thought to succeed at something that others fail at…but it is still a game and all games must be enjoyable…

From the get-go EVE Online needs to be FUN!

At the moment, in the beginning, it is NOT.

But if the game is given some care and attention it surely can be fixed…

‘Love will rise again to heal your wings
Love heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel’

The Mission – ‘Butterfly on a wheel’

2 thoughts on “EVE: The Mission

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  2. To save a location that you want to salvage, you have two options:

    1) don’t turn in the mission.

    2) bookmark 1 wreck, and turn in the mission. All of the wrecks will still be there when you warp to that bookmark.

    nb: Missions aren’t instanced in the sense that you’re separated from the rest of the game. They spawn when you accept the mission and despawn when you turn it in. They may be in remote space, but if you’re in space you’re in the same instance as everyone else, always.

    Oh, and there are ways to find you in your mission. Go to the EVE University wiki and look up combat scanning probes.

    Good luck with EVE! It can be a frustrating game, but it’s absolutely huge. Missions are just one little (primitive, ancient) part.

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