EVE: Red Dwarf

red dwarf

Thursday TSU finally wrapped up Tracking the Queen (part 3)’ mission!


Learning to play with your disadvantages is key to mastering any game but coming to terms with your own stupidity and compensating for it can be tricky! After I was killed I found that I had lost the data I was meant to drop off… forum mentioned that there was a 3 month cool down before I could continue…WTF…thankfully I found that this not to be the case, after cancelling the mission I was offered it again.

I did some digging for this write up and it finally dawned on me that I didn’t need to take out the pirates that jump onto your head after approaching the delivery can in this mission!

EVE SURVIVAL says, ‘Get out real fast, it’s not a joke. At least one of the Mordu’s Legion ships spawned once you approach the can is Elite Frigate (translation: tank of a cruiser with significant DPS), and his company don’t make your life easier. Not to mention they spawn almost on top of your head.’

I could have just dumped the data and run away! So what did I learn, to read the mission properly, to buy everything in duplicate to prevent having to explore the known universe to rebuild a destroyed ship! To warp off before ‘structure’ reaches ZERO! Indeed I learnt to recognize that the 3rd bar represents structure not armour, that cost me a ship… I learnt to bloody activate armour repairer and damage control, they help!


Armour Repair …OFF…RUN AWAY…just in time…

Finally I learnt that I need to get a new bloody mouse as my wife’s old one is actually multi clicking quite often… i.e.: (dock-undock), (fire-disactivate), and (activate-disactivate)

School boy French needed here:


Anyway…got there in the end…the epic arc missions continue…

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