mouse death

For the first time since I was able I did not log into EVE today! I think I have 2 weeks or so of my FREE (extended) trial to run and Saturday I got ‘ganked’ by 6 puny drones due to not being able to select/fire/position/warp out because of faulty mouse… I didn’t smash it into my wife’s monitor but I would have loved to do it (my head would have followed it if I had!)

So a new mouse is needed and I have no time to buy… maybe tomorrow I will find one…even tempted to nick one from work! (Better not…)

Sunday I took Thursday TSU out for a spin in his capsule, all the way back to Couster to pick up a new Catalyst! My fourth or fifth!

After a month and a half of play I am back at the beginning and wondering if I should try something different…

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