EVE: No Brainer…

When I have no idea what to do I do very little or more accurately I choose an activity that enables me to do very little…

no brainer

Yeah you guessed it, a no brainer activity!


I checked out my Venture and headed off to Algogille just 1 jump from Couster to mine, as I think the asteroids in and around Couster were always tapped out! So other than the occasional mishap of stopping my mining by accident I was able to generate 650k ISK and re-install Google Chrome to my wife’s computer, the anti-virus had decided it was a threat and quarantined  it!

EveUni suggests I add some hobgob drones for an offensive defence and mining laser upgrade I… as well as an afterburner, salvager and a Medium Azeotropic Ward Salubrity I (Shield Extender)…

Will look to slowly improve my miner as I continue to mindlessly progress in EVE…

or I will fix the mouse and head back to those bloody stars!

One thought on “EVE: No Brainer…

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