EVE: perching and salvaging for noobs

Phil Alexander’s one and only YouTube vid and I like it! Just wish he did follow up with a perch tutorial:

So I did some digging online:

‘Perch Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

You most likely came to this web page for our section on perch fishing tips. [NO I DIDN’T!] Below you’ll find some of the best and most effective tips for fishing for perch. Many of these tips are specific to the North American yellow perch, but will work for all perch species. If you have a tip for perch fishing that should be listed below then please use our submit a fishing tip form [DEAD LINK] and send it to us. We’ll review it, test it and if it makes the grade list it below.

  • The Best Live BaitPerch fishing has changed over the decades, but their love for food hasn’t. Live bait is just more effective than artificial lures. One of the best baits to use are soft shells (crayfish). This type of bait works all year round. If soft shells aren’t available then minnows will work just as well in cool water while night crawlers will work better in warmer water. [Maybe not so useful for salvaging…]
  • Use a Crappie RigA crappie rig is a great way to catch perch and also see what they might be biting on in your area. We like to rig up different types of live bait on our crappie rigs and see what they are striking on. Once we know, we’ll double up our rig with the bait that works and then wait for a bite. Nothing is more exciting that nailing 2 jumbo perch in one shot. If you’re not a fan of crappie rigs then a simple slip bobber setup will work just as well. [So true use a cheap throwaway ship…]
  • Don’t Get Mugged Perch are notorious bait thieves and you’ll want to make sure you use a small hook to prevent them from getting away. Also try to keep your bait on the tip of your hook to better improve your chances of setting a hook when a perch strikes it. [GANKED?]
  • Don’t Waste TimeWhen you catch your first perch don’t waste time removing the hook and re-baiting. Perch are schooling fish and where you find one you’ll find many more. Their schools don’t stay in one place for long, so make sure once you find a school you fish it as fast as possible; hence the use of a crappie rig as mentioned above.’ [BE QUICK…]


Surely appropriate for Eve Online


But really if anyone would like to explain how to set up a perch for salvaging/scavenging as depicted in the above youtube I would be very appreciative 🙂

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