EVE: Lookin at YA!


The Tales of a bitter vet mentioned the server down time yesterday that did get fixed, having come from LOTRO I must admit to having longer log in issues after updates so this was not really a problem. But it was strange to see the exact same image/graph I myself had been looking at last night, at the approximate same time, even weirder as my wife had asked me, “What are you looking at?”

GRAPHS here: http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility

It didn’t lead to a night of wife permitted Eve play, instead it digressed into lets watch ‘The BRINK!

the brink

Armament encrusted breast…

Mindless diversion, (A House of Cards spoof?) but I would have preferred deep space exploration even with a dodgy mouse!

And it is no Mr. Robot



One thought on “EVE: Lookin at YA!

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