EVE: Miner spinning!


Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go,
With a venture and 2 mining lasers
Hi Ho!
Orbit close and mine away
Hi Ho!
Hi Ho…

My daily mining grind… when mindless activity is required…mine!

And I have been doing more mining, my sons 5 and 3 leave me alone, it’s too abstract, after they get past the cool your in outer space… they wander off!(Whereas when I play LOTRO they are all over me and make it impossible to play!) And my wife finds that I am not too absorbed into the game as other dare I say more active games require… But that activity is here in EVE, I am just avoiding it, as I really need to be able to dedicate a serious amount of time to prep and head off and I still need to get a new mouse…pay day falls outside of my free trial time out, yes really life is tough in Argentina at the moment, I cannot afford a new mouse!

So I will probably start another alt and run the intro missions and hopefully complete the first epic arc: Blood Stained Stars this time! I will ignore that useless opportunity system this time…

And eventually when the credit card does arrive from my Argie bank (Expat in Argentina, no credit history, its been 5 years, I finally found a bank here willing to take the risk!) I may be inclined to treat my self to a subscription. I love the idea of the game that EVE is even if I have yet find it ingame! Of course my wife wont be happy and it may yet get pushed off a little more, but I am here to stay, EVE Online is stimulating and I like stimulation 🙂

Until then I will keep spinning around…

gifpal-20150719092912 gifpal-20150719093524

Yeah got mining drones now! Must remember to pick em up when ore hold is full, and I warp off to station to sell… luckily no one had picked em up and I was able to get em back!


Maybe just maybe if I find the time I will outfit a salvager and try my hand at being a vulture…

Until then I will be in my venture…

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go,
With a venture, 2 mining lasers and 2 mining drones 
Hi Ho!
Orbit close and mine away
Hi Ho!
Hi Ho…

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