EVE: Never Let Me Down Again EVE

never let me down again eve

LISTEN/WATCH: youtube mixer link removed…IT DIDNT SAVE MY MIX! Oh well…

What do you get when you serendiptiously mix 2 youtube soundtracks: FUN! I had a Depeche Mode mix playing even more embarrassingly after listening to a Wham tune – honest me… ignoring that and continuing… and I found an interesting EVE vid, it wasn’t until the end I realised that it was not with background music…I had done that and I liked it! The first is a classic Depeche Mode remix and the other is a video of EVE players swearing at each other set to the an EVE Online ad (i think…) so I tried to recreate…and FAILED…and tried again and FAILED…what is this EVE Online…er I tried again and the final result is not quite how I desire, but using YouTube MIXER BETA I got the shareable version above (I HOPE it works! – already removed as not working…) You can repeat this with video much better by opening the 2 following links in different tabs and play the music first and then the EVE online vid afterwards, you can even watch the EVE vid in full screen 🙂

DEPECHE MODE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTSAq7tKzFc IS THIS REALLY EVE: https://youtu.be/LmS9vcVNr5A

I’m sure if I could mix and had better software the results would be even better! ENJOY

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