EVE: Terraqueous

Terraqueous – Of Land and Water

Taken from Carl Sagan‘s reading of ‘Pale Blue Dot’

So as long as we don’t destroy our planet, one day a changed human kind will spread out throughout the galaxy and they will look back and wonder how they managed it… especially, as many pointed out in the following video, if it pans out like EVE Online!

They will point at a distant star and say,

“How the fuck did we not blow ourselves up!” and then less contemplatively add, “Lets go there and blow some stuff up!”

RIXX version of Carl Sagan’s reading 🙂

And now for some True Stay Frosty:

Wow thx Bryan Ward the second: bryanward2

The most creative pirate that ever lived!

Youv’e turned me into some kinda fanboy… will have to name my next free account char after you…

Thursday Tsuxx

Or maybe not…

2 thoughts on “EVE: Terraqueous

    • I am not really shouting-out…its more of a shout back as I was just looking at my tiny stats and I get 99% of my traffic from your blog 🙂

      They are great videos 🙂 As are your images… I can’t remember where I read it but didn’t you organise some kind of creative EVE group? I must try and track that down…

      I must also find time to play EVE beyond a 30 min mindless mine! (Oh I will use that alliteration…)


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