EVE: Bladerunning!


I want to see ATTACK SHIPS!

Running across a blade can be painful, especially if you fall…

Somehow I want to play EVE Online more but the thought of spending so much time to retool, then travel across the universe and not knowing if I will enjoy myself when I get there, keeps putting me off. I only have an hour n half max per day before work to fit that in!

This weekend I will really really try to take Thursday TSU out for a final spin. (I still have mouse issues, pay-day next week!)…

But don’t be scared, TSU is here to stay, next week I will launch a new trial account, at the end of the next month I will finally have a credit card, come on EVE…convince me that running along blades is worth it!

Don’t give me Bladerunner blues…

3 thoughts on “EVE: Bladerunning!

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