They say that, ‘Monday’s child is fair of face’ well Monday Tsuxx will kick ya in da face!

Monday Tsuxx don’t give a fuxx, don’t try n give big bucks, he’s only in it for fun and frol’x!

The Boomtown Rats – ‘I hate Mondays


same moody attitude, what a poser!

Thursday TSU has been forcibly retired as even if I wanted to I could not pay for the subscription this month (Its complicated, basically I have no credit history in Argentina!… I may be able to next month after changing banks but they have gone strangely quiet as well… )and as yet EVE Online is being rather obtrusive to true gaming enjoyment, I am far from hitting any gaming sweet spot.


But Monday TSUXX did get off the starting blocks much faster! I ignored the OPPORTUNITY goals and just blasted off to the Trossere system to start the agent missions, I had somehow enrolled in the Caille University! Well I am gonna have to be a drop out of this uni as I was in RL, there is just too much fun to be had in the university of life! I did start to get slightly irritated by tossers in Trossere spaming for corps… but no real impact other than, ‘Oh wow mail…! Oh wow boring!’


That’s a big station…


…that my little spaceship couldn’t path find away from…


…eventually free…


flies off into the sunset!

And I had finished the Combat agent and almost finished the adv combat missions by the end of the weekend, if I didn’t end up faffing in the market I could have started another agent’s missions…


Atron picked up!


NPC pirate base…


Hardly a scratch…


Who needs a funky skin…I got underwater ripple animation…


I just like it!

And having done them all before I had no real nasty surprises.




Floating rocks just attract me…OK its in space but anyway…

So weekend ended on a high, Mondays truly suck (back to work!) but Monday TSUXX is having a ball.

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