EVE: Sandbox, REALLY?

KensCrazyGaming YouTube video this week discuses changing EVE Online to include a little more solo content… I do not find this controversial at ALL!

Its a bloody good suggestion but I would take it even further!

EVE Online needs a mission generator, a building tool, a ‘sand mold’ for the sandbox! Players could create missions, and come on they are not exactly complex as they stand, and maybe even Corps could do the same?

So do you need something shifting across the galaxy? Of course you could send it by courier but how coll would it be to actually create a mission to get it done? How about creating NPC’s to populate the Eve Universe… what about rewards to the creator of an NPC based on the amount of interaction it is getting…

How-about missions that interact with missions? Wow some kinda stick-a-brix kinda modular content generator… Now I realize you have to keep it simple otherwise the over complex sandcastle will disintegrate into a pile of sand to be quickly incorporated back into the sandbox.

But a basic tool, which easily inserts content (and is easily removed as desired.) They could be used as narrative devices for Corps… a corp could design its own training missions for new recruits? Pirates could create traps, luring daring capsuleers chasing pots of isk into fiendish confrontations.

I suppose they could be abused, in that content could be generated for profit… but why make them free to make, hire NPC pirates, they cost per hour? Hire a Titan they cost per second! Make them profitable if done well… The ultimate act of recognition, being incorporated by CCP permanently into EVE Online!

Introduce a branching mechanism for missions… the possibilities are endless! Now that is a true ‘sandbox’ game.

Another interesting live event in EVE captured on film by delonewolf

Looks fascinating and really cool…

As mentioned in the video, CCP recently sent a drifter fleet into a player fleet for fun, now that is unique sandbox gaming at its most awesome!

If they, CCP, can combine that creativity with the endless sandbox possibilities available to them then EVE Online has nothing to worry about!

Even better if they can tap into the many, many creative minds playing the game…


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