EVE: Adventure


Monday TSUXX and its Tuesday again and I must admit to have not had much time for EVE again this week which does not mean I am uninterested in playing its just that in the little time I have getting anything done at this early day stage is quite tricky. I have now trained up destroyer and can fly my Catalyst but am tempted to actually try and keep in a frigate for the early stages of the mission arc: supposedly its doable… I really enjoyed my up close and in your face Atron build that I let get destroyed with Thursday TSU…

EVE UNI ATRON BUILDS: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Atron

JESTERS’s BATTLECLINIC ATRON: http://jestertrek.blogspot.com.ar/2013/06/fit-of-week-battleclinic-atron.html

But all the advice I found online is to go with the Catalyst for PVE missions… so back to converting catalysts to pieces by the look of it.

I hope I don’t just end up wasting time having mining adventures in my venture!


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