EVE: Malcontent…

Eve online die malcontent




  1. a person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.

Inspired (as always by Rixx over on EVEOGANDA), his post ‘Bitter Syndrome‘ describes how the negativity of many EVE players is damaging the game itself. That is a fact. Negativity breeds negativity.

His previous post ‘The Great Divide‘ which provocatively suggests the haters should go…’Things are changing. And it would be better for all of us, if you just got out of the way.‘ He continues that in a more positive aspect of the game needs room to grow: ‘A sense of positivity and fun that a lot of us are trying to spread around the universe.

Being malcontent is not always a negative state of being, if it can be used creatively and constructively to feedback into the game adding to a better game.

I for one support this kind of anarchic, rebellious behaviour especially if it helps: ‘…provide young players, old players, and players that just want to play, a place to do so. A place that isn’t about anger, but about joy and friendship.

The malcontent is dead…long live the malcontent!

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