EVE: lets do something less boring instead!

As normal I get up, I get dressed, Argentinian winters are mild but not mild enough for playing EVE in my bday suit! I have an hour and a half before I have to leave for work! (Slightly less today as I must brave the rain to walk 2 blocks to buy cigs for my wife before I leave, a nice gesture that I hope pays off in extended gametime this evening!)

The loader runs an update while logging me in, I love that, less waiting, or more importantly it feels like less waiting! Monday TSUXX loads up and stares down at the monitor, surveying what’s going on from his perch on the top left corner. I check the skill queue, as a trial account its only 1 day(ish) long so check to see what’s going on, Motion Prediction 4 has 1d 1hr to go! I was doing the mountain outta molehills career agent missions, next up manufacture a shuttle, Oh NO, first need to mine mats or buy them in the market which is tedious and then the manufacturing queue wait…

So lets see what else can I do… no-one I know is ingame… OK er lets get the fuck outta here…

Time to run my hobbit through Bree in LOTRO (The strange picture of a hobbit being tortured by being dipped into molten bree cheese pops into my head!) its all for a good cause, I started a fan-fiction project based around this little bugger…The Adventures of Opopa!

This lack of easy to jump into gaming in EVE is surely not helping build for the future. People, in general, are not playing games the same way as back in the day, they pop in and out of games, life is too busy for most to be able to dedicate a huge session to a game. The youth of today, in general, ain’t got the attention span of us pre internet old farts. Although some do develop it over time…


This reminded me of a 1985 kids TV series I used to watch, Why Don’t You?. The opening contained the immortal line, ‘Why don’t you switch off the television and go do something less boring instead!’ So beautifully oxymoronic! Today the ‘TV’ should be replaced by ‘digital device’, but I predict I will be having this fight with my sons for the next 15 years!

Interesting experiment: sit 1000 youths down, in front of 1000 computers with EVE loaded up and ready to go, I wonder how many would actually play the game. I reckon most would close, or minimize it instantly and log into their social networks. I reckon a few would struggle as there is no touch screen interaction!

Its nice to be a grumpy old man sometimes… I so much want to get into EVE Online… tomorrow morning I will try again, maybe its warmer tomorrow, maybe EVE Online is better played butt naked!

EVE: Plastic Fantastic!

credit card

Finally after 6 years of waiting an Argentinian bank gave me a credit card!

USD exchange rates are stupidly high and there is also an Argentinian tax on buying stuff abroad…+35%!

So EVE Online better really impress me this August if they want me to risk being beheaded by wifey for subscribing to a game!

And truly fantastic plastic is TOKYOPLASTIC! Loved em ever since the drum machine, I wished the internet was as interactively animated as these people could have made it!

EVE: Adventure


Monday TSUXX and its Tuesday again and I must admit to have not had much time for EVE again this week which does not mean I am uninterested in playing its just that in the little time I have getting anything done at this early day stage is quite tricky. I have now trained up destroyer and can fly my Catalyst but am tempted to actually try and keep in a frigate for the early stages of the mission arc: supposedly its doable… I really enjoyed my up close and in your face Atron build that I let get destroyed with Thursday TSU…

EVE UNI ATRON BUILDS: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Atron

JESTERS’s BATTLECLINIC ATRON: http://jestertrek.blogspot.com.ar/2013/06/fit-of-week-battleclinic-atron.html

But all the advice I found online is to go with the Catalyst for PVE missions… so back to converting catalysts to pieces by the look of it.

I hope I don’t just end up wasting time having mining adventures in my venture!


EVE: Probing Mickey!

Monday Tsuxx but it is Tuesday and probing Tuesday sucks too! (Well it was Tuesday when I was probing!)

Having completed the Combat missions I started the exploration missions…uh-oh scanning again…I thought I had this sorted last time… OH look no solar system map…only the star map. Now watching scanning vids on YT people make it look easy, it makes me suspect that my wife’s computer is really struggling to process the map as I am fighting the map to change from perspectives: quick look in the vertical and then horizontal and back to check…then supposedly bingo!


 ‘In geometry, Euclidean space encompasses the two-dimensional Euclidean plane, the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry, and certain other spaces.’



But at least EVE Online space is Euclidean in nature it does not include relativity, as Minkowski space does…

‘In mathematical physics, Minkowski space, Minkowski spacetime, named after the mathematician Hermann Minkowski, is the mathematical model of physical spacetime in which Einstein’s theory of special relativity is most conveniently formulated. In this setting the three ordinary dimensions of space are combined with a single dimension of time to form a four-dimensional manifold for representing a spacetime.

The spacetime interval between any two events in Minkowski space is independent of the inertial system in which it recorded. This is an immediate consequence of the postulates of special relativity, and uniquely fixes the mathematical structure of Minkowski spacetime.’


Now I’m glad I don’t have to probe Mickey Mowski space either… that would be relatively difficult! OK I’m taking the mickey here…

But as ever I digress…

I find scanning in EVE Online to be very tedious, I gather that there is good money in it and many find it fruitful, I simply get frustrated and not for the first time my evident frustration escaped my lips enough to draw the attention of my wife…

”I thought you were playing a game?” She asked.

“I am!” I answer through clenched teeth…

“Oh!” She utters as she walks off shaking her head in disbelief…

I wrapped up the scanning and was happy to start the industrial missions!



They say that, ‘Monday’s child is fair of face’ well Monday Tsuxx will kick ya in da face!

Monday Tsuxx don’t give a fuxx, don’t try n give big bucks, he’s only in it for fun and frol’x!

The Boomtown Rats – ‘I hate Mondays


same moody attitude, what a poser!

Thursday TSU has been forcibly retired as even if I wanted to I could not pay for the subscription this month (Its complicated, basically I have no credit history in Argentina!… I may be able to next month after changing banks but they have gone strangely quiet as well… )and as yet EVE Online is being rather obtrusive to true gaming enjoyment, I am far from hitting any gaming sweet spot.


But Monday TSUXX did get off the starting blocks much faster! I ignored the OPPORTUNITY goals and just blasted off to the Trossere system to start the agent missions, I had somehow enrolled in the Caille University! Well I am gonna have to be a drop out of this uni as I was in RL, there is just too much fun to be had in the university of life! I did start to get slightly irritated by tossers in Trossere spaming for corps… but no real impact other than, ‘Oh wow mail…! Oh wow boring!’


That’s a big station…


…that my little spaceship couldn’t path find away from…


…eventually free…


flies off into the sunset!

And I had finished the Combat agent and almost finished the adv combat missions by the end of the weekend, if I didn’t end up faffing in the market I could have started another agent’s missions…


Atron picked up!


NPC pirate base…


Hardly a scratch…


Who needs a funky skin…I got underwater ripple animation…


I just like it!

And having done them all before I had no real nasty surprises.




Floating rocks just attract me…OK its in space but anyway…

So weekend ended on a high, Mondays truly suck (back to work!) but Monday TSUXX is having a ball.