EVE: Knock ur rocks off with a block!

I had so forgotten this old tune, now going to have to find a way to blast this out while playing EVE tomorrow morning, it may even be worth taking my headphones from work home for the occasion… that should scare away all the NPC pirates off!

EVE: Bladerunning!


I want to see ATTACK SHIPS!

Running across a blade can be painful, especially if you fall…

Somehow I want to play EVE Online more but the thought of spending so much time to retool, then travel across the universe and not knowing if I will enjoy myself when I get there, keeps putting me off. I only have an hour n half max per day before work to fit that in!

This weekend I will really really try to take Thursday TSU out for a final spin. (I still have mouse issues, pay-day next week!)…

But don’t be scared, TSU is here to stay, next week I will launch a new trial account, at the end of the next month I will finally have a credit card, come on EVE…convince me that running along blades is worth it!

Don’t give me Bladerunner blues…

EVE: Not a Minion…


After last week’s server stat image I created another…

No EVE last night, wife decided to use computer [It is hers…] and I was expecting a whole evening to organize a scavenger and head off for the battlefields to try my hand at being a vulture!

TIME is running out…last week before doing it all again on another ALT!

EVE: Miner spinning!


Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go,
With a venture and 2 mining lasers
Hi Ho!
Orbit close and mine away
Hi Ho!
Hi Ho…

My daily mining grind… when mindless activity is required…mine!

And I have been doing more mining, my sons 5 and 3 leave me alone, it’s too abstract, after they get past the cool your in outer space… they wander off!(Whereas when I play LOTRO they are all over me and make it impossible to play!) And my wife finds that I am not too absorbed into the game as other dare I say more active games require… But that activity is here in EVE, I am just avoiding it, as I really need to be able to dedicate a serious amount of time to prep and head off and I still need to get a new mouse…pay day falls outside of my free trial time out, yes really life is tough in Argentina at the moment, I cannot afford a new mouse!

So I will probably start another alt and run the intro missions and hopefully complete the first epic arc: Blood Stained Stars this time! I will ignore that useless opportunity system this time…

And eventually when the credit card does arrive from my Argie bank (Expat in Argentina, no credit history, its been 5 years, I finally found a bank here willing to take the risk!) I may be inclined to treat my self to a subscription. I love the idea of the game that EVE is even if I have yet find it ingame! Of course my wife wont be happy and it may yet get pushed off a little more, but I am here to stay, EVE Online is stimulating and I like stimulation 🙂

Until then I will keep spinning around…

gifpal-20150719092912 gifpal-20150719093524

Yeah got mining drones now! Must remember to pick em up when ore hold is full, and I warp off to station to sell… luckily no one had picked em up and I was able to get em back!


Maybe just maybe if I find the time I will outfit a salvager and try my hand at being a vulture…

Until then I will be in my venture…

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work we go,
With a venture, 2 mining lasers and 2 mining drones 
Hi Ho!
Orbit close and mine away
Hi Ho!
Hi Ho…

EVE: perching and salvaging for noobs

Phil Alexander’s one and only YouTube vid and I like it! Just wish he did follow up with a perch tutorial:

So I did some digging online:

‘Perch Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

You most likely came to this web page for our section on perch fishing tips. [NO I DIDN’T!] Below you’ll find some of the best and most effective tips for fishing for perch. Many of these tips are specific to the North American yellow perch, but will work for all perch species. If you have a tip for perch fishing that should be listed below then please use our submit a fishing tip form [DEAD LINK] and send it to us. We’ll review it, test it and if it makes the grade list it below.

  • The Best Live BaitPerch fishing has changed over the decades, but their love for food hasn’t. Live bait is just more effective than artificial lures. One of the best baits to use are soft shells (crayfish). This type of bait works all year round. If soft shells aren’t available then minnows will work just as well in cool water while night crawlers will work better in warmer water. [Maybe not so useful for salvaging…]
  • Use a Crappie RigA crappie rig is a great way to catch perch and also see what they might be biting on in your area. We like to rig up different types of live bait on our crappie rigs and see what they are striking on. Once we know, we’ll double up our rig with the bait that works and then wait for a bite. Nothing is more exciting that nailing 2 jumbo perch in one shot. If you’re not a fan of crappie rigs then a simple slip bobber setup will work just as well. [So true use a cheap throwaway ship…]
  • Don’t Get Mugged Perch are notorious bait thieves and you’ll want to make sure you use a small hook to prevent them from getting away. Also try to keep your bait on the tip of your hook to better improve your chances of setting a hook when a perch strikes it. [GANKED?]
  • Don’t Waste TimeWhen you catch your first perch don’t waste time removing the hook and re-baiting. Perch are schooling fish and where you find one you’ll find many more. Their schools don’t stay in one place for long, so make sure once you find a school you fish it as fast as possible; hence the use of a crappie rig as mentioned above.’ [BE QUICK…]


Surely appropriate for Eve Online


But really if anyone would like to explain how to set up a perch for salvaging/scavenging as depicted in the above youtube I would be very appreciative 🙂

EVE: Dizzy!

eve online dizzy

This little pic has its own wonderful soundtrack:

DIZZY – by the Wonder Stuff (A Student Union piss up fav of mine!)

And why am I dizzy, well probably due to Hyperglycemia, I must go see a doctor! But also because I simply have no idea what to do next in EVE… yeah get a new mouse must be number 1 priority! But after that?

I did challenge myself to wrap the first EPIC arc before my free trial runs out…so with a mouse and with no further direction I may well just do that but it is not really clearing up a future path for me and Eve Online… but with no path I may just spin off and outta game…

Which would be a shame as the new ‘patch’ arrived today: Aegis Sovereignty and it looks like it could make PVP very interesting…

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinnin’
Like a whirlpool, it never ends
And it’s you, EVE, makin’ it spin
You’re makin’ me dizzy
My head is spinnin’
Like a whirlpool, it never ends
And it’s you, EVE, makin’ it spin
You’re makin’ me dizzy
Oh, I’m so dizzy
You’re makin’ me dizzy
Yeah, I’m so dizzy’



mouse death

For the first time since I was able I did not log into EVE today! I think I have 2 weeks or so of my FREE (extended) trial to run and Saturday I got ‘ganked’ by 6 puny drones due to not being able to select/fire/position/warp out because of faulty mouse… I didn’t smash it into my wife’s monitor but I would have loved to do it (my head would have followed it if I had!)

So a new mouse is needed and I have no time to buy… maybe tomorrow I will find one…even tempted to nick one from work! (Better not…)

Sunday I took Thursday TSU out for a spin in his capsule, all the way back to Couster to pick up a new Catalyst! My fourth or fifth!

After a month and a half of play I am back at the beginning and wondering if I should try something different…

EVE: Shugar Shugar

AshenShugar01 is OUT THERE!


I am pretty sure that this is not a good idea but gonna do it anyway!

He killed my AFK newb on AUTOPILOT, I’m pretty sure I deserved to be podded…

But if anyone fancies blasting AshenShugar01 for me I would be mighty happy 🙂



I was surprised to find that A Kill right is not the same as a bounty?

How do I put a bounty out on someone?

As a goody two shoes in game should I be doing so?


EVE: Collective noun for Catalysts…

A fleet of catalysts…


A cataclysm of catalysts


in my hands unfortunately they would become a:

A piece of catalysts!

catalytic converter_e

I have been really struggling with my catalysts, I would love to blame my equipment but I think I had quite a nice set up but my gameplay sucks…

Jumping from system to system to pick up skills bought as cheap as possible, under AUTOPILOT… My good luck ran out and I got ganked… I was also AFK and was even too surprised to catch a screenie as I got podded…

{shock of being podded in high-sec while AFK – insert your own imaginary PICTURE here!}

WOW great the Opportunity panel got a little more complete…


Only 1 n half to go…woot!

And who would pick on this lowly little NEWB:


AshenShugar01 – he’s a bad boy!

Great at last I get to post a kill right: I tried to sell for 111,111 ISK but managed to sell for 111 ISK…OOPS!

I hope someone come along and ganks him too… oh well silly NEWB learns his lesson…

Back to build a new Catalyst, this is getting expensive…


Fully rigged and scout 150mm rails….

Aha new Catalyst…I am really enjoying blasting stuff from over 30km away…

So getting relaxed and progressing nicely through the Epic Arc: Blood Stained Stars



AND whammy …WTF 8 pirates from nowhere, my mouse is refusing to target…

shields going down…uh-oh….

GET outta here….

armour going…

Oh fuck… oh fuck…


I just got ganked by 8 NPC pirates…I must be bloody useless!

Rant, rage, rant…This game sucks…Hate it…

OK time to build another Catalyst… Jump all over the place getting the bits…buy in duplicate cos you just never know…


ONE MORE TIME! (Daft Punk video is so EVE Online…)

I went for a cheaper build this time:

Those pirates are gonna pay for this…

And AshenShugar01 your time will be up one day… er as if you care… your probably used to it by now!

EVE: Sisters of FUN

Trying to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground with this post to avoid blogging flights of fantasy, well that is the intention…

So Thursday TSU wrapped up the tutorial (*cough cough) by the end of his first 30 days and now is slowly exploring EVE Online using the first EPIC arc mission provided by the SISTERS of EVE: The Blood-Stained Stars.

CHAPTER 1: Quality of Mercy

After reporting to Sister Alitura in Arnon IX – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Bureau,  I was sent off all over the place to investigate the destruction of a ship and eventual tracking down of survivors…, this included meeting up with other agents and running missions for them, finally missions that could be completed (and taken) remotely, thank the sisters I didn’t have to hop back to Sister Alitura every time…


CHAPTER 2: Automation Impediment

Working now for agent Delphine Xarasier at Harerget V – Moon 1 – CreoDron Factory, more miscellaneous missions were taken including the dammed Lair of Snakes mission which cost me my Catalyst destroyer…


DETOUR: a day and a half was then spent fitting out a replacement catalyst, better than before…

I went back to wrap up the Lair of Snakes to find I had actually completed it during that first fateful encounter… I missed collecting the bonus for quick completion!

So now in new upgraded (and yet experimental 6 long range railguns and 2 closer range just in case) I continued the mission arc without real incident…

CHAPTER 3: Shadow puppets

Having crossed the lines into Caldari space which looks and feels the same as Gallante space, I have continued with the odd but pretty basic hodgepodge of epic missions, nothing of excitement here…


The original blog got too FLONG so I cut it into 2: THE MISSION

And misc screeny gallery: