A new Year’s EVE…

Well its time to sum up life in the EVE universe for TSU last year… it never took off at ALL! 2015 ended up with me not having returned and it continues into 2016, even to the extent that I stopped blogging 😦

My last post was Jan 11 to commemorate the passing of the Starman and a year later I am saddened that Princess Leia has also just gone…


EVE has gone F2P in its special way which I think is awesome. There are so many casual gamers out there that forking out money and/or farming ISO becomes restrictive and we stop. And I think there is a space in the game for these ‘freeloaders’ to thrive, they give back to the game, activity and fresh blood… and some of that fresh blood may eventually start paying 🙂

I would have jumped at the chance to leap back into the sandpit but having no PC rather prevents that… 😦 Lets see if 2017 is the year I escape Argentina and make it back to Europe and regain access to modern PC technology (AFFORDABLE being the focus here!)

So Happy New Year to all and sundry 🙂

Oh and special thoughts go out to Rixx Javix my fav EVE blogger and cultural icon. His RW dramas surpasses any in game EVE antics and my heart goes out to him… (cant do it directly cos his blog refuses my comments!) it all sounds so unfair and tougher than it should be. Lets hope he catches a break and can get back to business, or one of them which is being CREATIVE in EVE.

Erm maybe I to will be able to do that at some point in 2017…






EVE: Starman!


New ship design for EVE… The ‘ZIGGY’ to mark the passing of the greatest starman of them all!

No not Major Tom.

David Bowie passed today, more than an iconic musician… a poet and inspiration!

My LOTRO dedication: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/lotro-bowie/

And of course not surprised to see EVEOGANDA also paying respects 🙂

Come on CCP if you commemorate BOWIE in game I will subscribe immediately… (Well as soon as I can actually run the game!)



EVE: Probing Mickey!

Monday Tsuxx but it is Tuesday and probing Tuesday sucks too! (Well it was Tuesday when I was probing!)

Having completed the Combat missions I started the exploration missions…uh-oh scanning again…I thought I had this sorted last time… OH look no solar system map…only the star map. Now watching scanning vids on YT people make it look easy, it makes me suspect that my wife’s computer is really struggling to process the map as I am fighting the map to change from perspectives: quick look in the vertical and then horizontal and back to check…then supposedly bingo!


 ‘In geometry, Euclidean space encompasses the two-dimensional Euclidean plane, the three-dimensional space of Euclidean geometry, and certain other spaces.’



But at least EVE Online space is Euclidean in nature it does not include relativity, as Minkowski space does…

‘In mathematical physics, Minkowski space, Minkowski spacetime, named after the mathematician Hermann Minkowski, is the mathematical model of physical spacetime in which Einstein’s theory of special relativity is most conveniently formulated. In this setting the three ordinary dimensions of space are combined with a single dimension of time to form a four-dimensional manifold for representing a spacetime.

The spacetime interval between any two events in Minkowski space is independent of the inertial system in which it recorded. This is an immediate consequence of the postulates of special relativity, and uniquely fixes the mathematical structure of Minkowski spacetime.’


Now I’m glad I don’t have to probe Mickey Mowski space either… that would be relatively difficult! OK I’m taking the mickey here…

But as ever I digress…

I find scanning in EVE Online to be very tedious, I gather that there is good money in it and many find it fruitful, I simply get frustrated and not for the first time my evident frustration escaped my lips enough to draw the attention of my wife…

”I thought you were playing a game?” She asked.

“I am!” I answer through clenched teeth…

“Oh!” She utters as she walks off shaking her head in disbelief…

I wrapped up the scanning and was happy to start the industrial missions!

EVE: Lookin at YA!


The Tales of a bitter vet mentioned the server down time yesterday that did get fixed, having come from LOTRO I must admit to having longer log in issues after updates so this was not really a problem. But it was strange to see the exact same image/graph I myself had been looking at last night, at the approximate same time, even weirder as my wife had asked me, “What are you looking at?”

GRAPHS here: http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility

It didn’t lead to a night of wife permitted Eve play, instead it digressed into lets watch ‘The BRINK!

the brink

Armament encrusted breast…

Mindless diversion, (A House of Cards spoof?) but I would have preferred deep space exploration even with a dodgy mouse!

And it is no Mr. Robot



EVE: Shugar Shugar

AshenShugar01 is OUT THERE!


I am pretty sure that this is not a good idea but gonna do it anyway!

He killed my AFK newb on AUTOPILOT, I’m pretty sure I deserved to be podded…

But if anyone fancies blasting AshenShugar01 for me I would be mighty happy 🙂



I was surprised to find that A Kill right is not the same as a bounty?

How do I put a bounty out on someone?

As a goody two shoes in game should I be doing so?


EVE: Collective noun for Catalysts…

A fleet of catalysts…


A cataclysm of catalysts


in my hands unfortunately they would become a:

A piece of catalysts!

catalytic converter_e

I have been really struggling with my catalysts, I would love to blame my equipment but I think I had quite a nice set up but my gameplay sucks…

Jumping from system to system to pick up skills bought as cheap as possible, under AUTOPILOT… My good luck ran out and I got ganked… I was also AFK and was even too surprised to catch a screenie as I got podded…

{shock of being podded in high-sec while AFK – insert your own imaginary PICTURE here!}

WOW great the Opportunity panel got a little more complete…


Only 1 n half to go…woot!

And who would pick on this lowly little NEWB:


AshenShugar01 – he’s a bad boy!

Great at last I get to post a kill right: I tried to sell for 111,111 ISK but managed to sell for 111 ISK…OOPS!

I hope someone come along and ganks him too… oh well silly NEWB learns his lesson…

Back to build a new Catalyst, this is getting expensive…


Fully rigged and scout 150mm rails….

Aha new Catalyst…I am really enjoying blasting stuff from over 30km away…

So getting relaxed and progressing nicely through the Epic Arc: Blood Stained Stars



AND whammy …WTF 8 pirates from nowhere, my mouse is refusing to target…

shields going down…uh-oh….

GET outta here….

armour going…

Oh fuck… oh fuck…


I just got ganked by 8 NPC pirates…I must be bloody useless!

Rant, rage, rant…This game sucks…Hate it…

OK time to build another Catalyst… Jump all over the place getting the bits…buy in duplicate cos you just never know…


ONE MORE TIME! (Daft Punk video is so EVE Online…)

I went for a cheaper build this time:

Those pirates are gonna pay for this…

And AshenShugar01 your time will be up one day… er as if you care… your probably used to it by now!

EVE: Sisters of FUN

Trying to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground with this post to avoid blogging flights of fantasy, well that is the intention…

So Thursday TSU wrapped up the tutorial (*cough cough) by the end of his first 30 days and now is slowly exploring EVE Online using the first EPIC arc mission provided by the SISTERS of EVE: The Blood-Stained Stars.

CHAPTER 1: Quality of Mercy

After reporting to Sister Alitura in Arnon IX – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Bureau,  I was sent off all over the place to investigate the destruction of a ship and eventual tracking down of survivors…, this included meeting up with other agents and running missions for them, finally missions that could be completed (and taken) remotely, thank the sisters I didn’t have to hop back to Sister Alitura every time…


CHAPTER 2: Automation Impediment

Working now for agent Delphine Xarasier at Harerget V – Moon 1 – CreoDron Factory, more miscellaneous missions were taken including the dammed Lair of Snakes mission which cost me my Catalyst destroyer…


DETOUR: a day and a half was then spent fitting out a replacement catalyst, better than before…

I went back to wrap up the Lair of Snakes to find I had actually completed it during that first fateful encounter… I missed collecting the bonus for quick completion!

So now in new upgraded (and yet experimental 6 long range railguns and 2 closer range just in case) I continued the mission arc without real incident…

CHAPTER 3: Shadow puppets

Having crossed the lines into Caldari space which looks and feels the same as Gallante space, I have continued with the odd but pretty basic hodgepodge of epic missions, nothing of excitement here…


The original blog got too FLONG so I cut it into 2: THE MISSION

And misc screeny gallery:

EVE: U tube – Size Matters

I am new to EVE so finding this old vid on YOUTUBE was great: SHIP SIZE VIDEO

Now the people scale is quickly lost… for example my new catalyst (yeah I got another) has a ‘wingspan’ of 284m thats 3 football pitches long!

size matters2

But I would love to see a more professional and surreal take on matters, for example in a Christopher Boffoli inspired way: