EVE: Starman!


New ship design for EVE… The ‘ZIGGY’ to mark the passing of the greatest starman of them all!

No not Major Tom.

David Bowie passed today, more than an iconic musician… a poet and inspiration!

My LOTRO dedication: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/lotro-bowie/

And of course not surprised to see EVEOGANDA also paying respects 🙂

Come on CCP if you commemorate BOWIE in game I will subscribe immediately… (Well as soon as I can actually run the game!)



EVE: Bod Raiders…

Well I will join in the criticism directed at this video that when compared to other scope videos it is very primitive and does EVE no favours even if the in game events are AWESOME! Animation and character models are BAD! Blood effects laughable and no sense of horror is imparted by the video at all strange given the elder game demographics… but I suppose they want as broad a circulation of the video as possible.

BOD was a 1975 animated kids series… I grew up watching it, could explain a lot!

Now Bod raiders…that is scary!

BOD he eats capsuleers brains for breakfast!


EVE: Viva Las Vegas…

EVE LAS VEGAS 2015 is taking place… I am a long way away and not even playing EVE at the moment (My wife’s computer is still not very well, it can barely run LOTRO!)

But I still follow EVE Online news online… and it was quite a good keynote posted to YOUTUBE: it didn’t exactly rock my world but 2 items were of interest enough to induce a graphical response:

CITADELS… I may never own one but…

A tale of 2 citadels

And the new brain in a box… now I really do like the sound of that…

Brain in a box

EVE: Malcontent…

Eve online die malcontent




  1. a person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.

Inspired (as always by Rixx over on EVEOGANDA), his post ‘Bitter Syndrome‘ describes how the negativity of many EVE players is damaging the game itself. That is a fact. Negativity breeds negativity.

His previous post ‘The Great Divide‘ which provocatively suggests the haters should go…’Things are changing. And it would be better for all of us, if you just got out of the way.‘ He continues that in a more positive aspect of the game needs room to grow: ‘A sense of positivity and fun that a lot of us are trying to spread around the universe.

Being malcontent is not always a negative state of being, if it can be used creatively and constructively to feedback into the game adding to a better game.

I for one support this kind of anarchic, rebellious behaviour especially if it helps: ‘…provide young players, old players, and players that just want to play, a place to do so. A place that isn’t about anger, but about joy and friendship.

The malcontent is dead…long live the malcontent!


new binocs

Actually CCP is teasing us with new propulsion technology to rocket your EVE Gaming to new heights, well presumably on higher graphic settings than I am able to use…

…if I had time to game 😦

My mum is visiting from GB and so when not out and about am resting, its hard work especially as my 2 sons alternate being up on my shoulders most of the time!

Work also super busy so grabbing as much down time as possible and in an ideal world that would include more than normal gaming, in my imperfect world has bottomed out to almost nothing!

Hope to be back soon, and if work lets up will be blogging more often as well.



The Amarr Empress was attacked and presumably killed by drifters. The Seraph Titan, she was piloting was ambushed by a drifter fleet and promptly destroyed! Now there was always mystery surrounding the Empress and her cloned return, is this why the Amarr have been targetted by the drifter incursions?

I have no fucking clue! Monday TSUXX takes a bow and Tuesday TSULKS is born an Amarr adventure begins…

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46aRYr0IZi0

EVE: lets do something less boring instead!

As normal I get up, I get dressed, Argentinian winters are mild but not mild enough for playing EVE in my bday suit! I have an hour and a half before I have to leave for work! (Slightly less today as I must brave the rain to walk 2 blocks to buy cigs for my wife before I leave, a nice gesture that I hope pays off in extended gametime this evening!)

The loader runs an update while logging me in, I love that, less waiting, or more importantly it feels like less waiting! Monday TSUXX loads up and stares down at the monitor, surveying what’s going on from his perch on the top left corner. I check the skill queue, as a trial account its only 1 day(ish) long so check to see what’s going on, Motion Prediction 4 has 1d 1hr to go! I was doing the mountain outta molehills career agent missions, next up manufacture a shuttle, Oh NO, first need to mine mats or buy them in the market which is tedious and then the manufacturing queue wait…

So lets see what else can I do… no-one I know is ingame… OK er lets get the fuck outta here…

Time to run my hobbit through Bree in LOTRO (The strange picture of a hobbit being tortured by being dipped into molten bree cheese pops into my head!) its all for a good cause, I started a fan-fiction project based around this little bugger…The Adventures of Opopa!

This lack of easy to jump into gaming in EVE is surely not helping build for the future. People, in general, are not playing games the same way as back in the day, they pop in and out of games, life is too busy for most to be able to dedicate a huge session to a game. The youth of today, in general, ain’t got the attention span of us pre internet old farts. Although some do develop it over time…


This reminded me of a 1985 kids TV series I used to watch, Why Don’t You?. The opening contained the immortal line, ‘Why don’t you switch off the television and go do something less boring instead!’ So beautifully oxymoronic! Today the ‘TV’ should be replaced by ‘digital device’, but I predict I will be having this fight with my sons for the next 15 years!

Interesting experiment: sit 1000 youths down, in front of 1000 computers with EVE loaded up and ready to go, I wonder how many would actually play the game. I reckon most would close, or minimize it instantly and log into their social networks. I reckon a few would struggle as there is no touch screen interaction!

Its nice to be a grumpy old man sometimes… I so much want to get into EVE Online… tomorrow morning I will try again, maybe its warmer tomorrow, maybe EVE Online is better played butt naked!