EVE: Starman!


New ship design for EVE… The ‘ZIGGY’ to mark the passing of the greatest starman of them all!

No not Major Tom.

David Bowie passed today, more than an iconic musician… a poet and inspiration!

My LOTRO dedication: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/lotro-bowie/

And of course not surprised to see EVEOGANDA also paying respects 🙂

Come on CCP if you commemorate BOWIE in game I will subscribe immediately… (Well as soon as I can actually run the game!)




EVE: Knock ur rocks off with a block!

I had so forgotten this old tune, now going to have to find a way to blast this out while playing EVE tomorrow morning, it may even be worth taking my headphones from work home for the occasion… that should scare away all the NPC pirates off!



They say that, ‘Monday’s child is fair of face’ well Monday Tsuxx will kick ya in da face!

Monday Tsuxx don’t give a fuxx, don’t try n give big bucks, he’s only in it for fun and frol’x!

The Boomtown Rats – ‘I hate Mondays


same moody attitude, what a poser!

Thursday TSU has been forcibly retired as even if I wanted to I could not pay for the subscription this month (Its complicated, basically I have no credit history in Argentina!… I may be able to next month after changing banks but they have gone strangely quiet as well… )and as yet EVE Online is being rather obtrusive to true gaming enjoyment, I am far from hitting any gaming sweet spot.


But Monday TSUXX did get off the starting blocks much faster! I ignored the OPPORTUNITY goals and just blasted off to the Trossere system to start the agent missions, I had somehow enrolled in the Caille University! Well I am gonna have to be a drop out of this uni as I was in RL, there is just too much fun to be had in the university of life! I did start to get slightly irritated by tossers in Trossere spaming for corps… but no real impact other than, ‘Oh wow mail…! Oh wow boring!’


That’s a big station…


…that my little spaceship couldn’t path find away from…


…eventually free…


flies off into the sunset!

And I had finished the Combat agent and almost finished the adv combat missions by the end of the weekend, if I didn’t end up faffing in the market I could have started another agent’s missions…


Atron picked up!


NPC pirate base…


Hardly a scratch…


Who needs a funky skin…I got underwater ripple animation…


I just like it!

And having done them all before I had no real nasty surprises.




Floating rocks just attract me…OK its in space but anyway…

So weekend ended on a high, Mondays truly suck (back to work!) but Monday TSUXX is having a ball.

EVE: Bladerunning!


I want to see ATTACK SHIPS!

Running across a blade can be painful, especially if you fall…

Somehow I want to play EVE Online more but the thought of spending so much time to retool, then travel across the universe and not knowing if I will enjoy myself when I get there, keeps putting me off. I only have an hour n half max per day before work to fit that in!

This weekend I will really really try to take Thursday TSU out for a final spin. (I still have mouse issues, pay-day next week!)…

But don’t be scared, TSU is here to stay, next week I will launch a new trial account, at the end of the next month I will finally have a credit card, come on EVE…convince me that running along blades is worth it!

Don’t give me Bladerunner blues…

EVE: Never Let Me Down Again EVE

never let me down again eve

LISTEN/WATCH: youtube mixer link removed…IT DIDNT SAVE MY MIX! Oh well…

What do you get when you serendiptiously mix 2 youtube soundtracks: FUN! I had a Depeche Mode mix playing even more embarrassingly after listening to a Wham tune – honest me… ignoring that and continuing… and I found an interesting EVE vid, it wasn’t until the end I realised that it was not with background music…I had done that and I liked it! The first is a classic Depeche Mode remix and the other is a video of EVE players swearing at each other set to the an EVE Online ad (i think…) so I tried to recreate…and FAILED…and tried again and FAILED…what is this EVE Online…er I tried again and the final result is not quite how I desire, but using YouTube MIXER BETA I got the shareable version above (I HOPE it works! – already removed as not working…) You can repeat this with video much better by opening the 2 following links in different tabs and play the music first and then the EVE online vid afterwards, you can even watch the EVE vid in full screen 🙂

DEPECHE MODE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTSAq7tKzFc IS THIS REALLY EVE: https://youtu.be/LmS9vcVNr5A

I’m sure if I could mix and had better software the results would be even better! ENJOY

EVE: Dizzy!

eve online dizzy

This little pic has its own wonderful soundtrack:

DIZZY – by the Wonder Stuff (A Student Union piss up fav of mine!)

And why am I dizzy, well probably due to Hyperglycemia, I must go see a doctor! But also because I simply have no idea what to do next in EVE… yeah get a new mouse must be number 1 priority! But after that?

I did challenge myself to wrap the first EPIC arc before my free trial runs out…so with a mouse and with no further direction I may well just do that but it is not really clearing up a future path for me and Eve Online… but with no path I may just spin off and outta game…

Which would be a shame as the new ‘patch’ arrived today: Aegis Sovereignty and it looks like it could make PVP very interesting…

I’m so dizzy, my head is spinnin’
Like a whirlpool, it never ends
And it’s you, EVE, makin’ it spin
You’re makin’ me dizzy
My head is spinnin’
Like a whirlpool, it never ends
And it’s you, EVE, makin’ it spin
You’re makin’ me dizzy
Oh, I’m so dizzy
You’re makin’ me dizzy
Yeah, I’m so dizzy’


EVE: Collective noun for Catalysts…

A fleet of catalysts…


A cataclysm of catalysts


in my hands unfortunately they would become a:

A piece of catalysts!

catalytic converter_e

I have been really struggling with my catalysts, I would love to blame my equipment but I think I had quite a nice set up but my gameplay sucks…

Jumping from system to system to pick up skills bought as cheap as possible, under AUTOPILOT… My good luck ran out and I got ganked… I was also AFK and was even too surprised to catch a screenie as I got podded…

{shock of being podded in high-sec while AFK – insert your own imaginary PICTURE here!}

WOW great the Opportunity panel got a little more complete…


Only 1 n half to go…woot!

And who would pick on this lowly little NEWB:


AshenShugar01 – he’s a bad boy!

Great at last I get to post a kill right: I tried to sell for 111,111 ISK but managed to sell for 111 ISK…OOPS!

I hope someone come along and ganks him too… oh well silly NEWB learns his lesson…

Back to build a new Catalyst, this is getting expensive…


Fully rigged and scout 150mm rails….

Aha new Catalyst…I am really enjoying blasting stuff from over 30km away…

So getting relaxed and progressing nicely through the Epic Arc: Blood Stained Stars



AND whammy …WTF 8 pirates from nowhere, my mouse is refusing to target…

shields going down…uh-oh….

GET outta here….

armour going…

Oh fuck… oh fuck…


I just got ganked by 8 NPC pirates…I must be bloody useless!

Rant, rage, rant…This game sucks…Hate it…

OK time to build another Catalyst… Jump all over the place getting the bits…buy in duplicate cos you just never know…


ONE MORE TIME! (Daft Punk video is so EVE Online…)

I went for a cheaper build this time:

Those pirates are gonna pay for this…

And AshenShugar01 your time will be up one day… er as if you care… your probably used to it by now!

EVE: The Mission

‘Love breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel’

The Mission – ‘Butterfly on a wheel’

I am finding out that missions in EVE Online are actually very BORING! The only moments of interest have occurred when I have died and when I had to travel around to put together a replacement. The missions themselves are BASIC beyond belief, indeed the essential detail contained within the actual agent briefing and instructions takes longer to read than the actual GAMEPLAY moments the mission provides, the bulk of the rest is travelling between station and destination (and normally back again) so far without incident and with no diversion other than changing the viewpoint. Probably over 90% of my EVE Online time out in space has been under autopilot!

I have enjoyed the more intense combat missions, so far the Lair of Snakes has been my favourite. Yes the same mission I was podded in! When the red icons (You don’t target ships themselves, I suppose you can!) are flowing in and around and you are balancing which ship to target next, which point of reference to base your position from; basically orbit, approach or keep at range. (What no evasive manouevers? I have not ‘flown’ with others and I gather there are no formations…) While watching your shields getting pounded, then your armour, and then your ship crumbling, but the enemy numbers are dwindling too.

Targeting the wrong ship out of optimal range, selecting the wrong ship to approach or keep at range all impart a tactical importance to the proceedings. Coming out of the battle unscathed feels one with a huge boost of confidence in your piloting ability and more importantly your ship fitting skills which is good as after travelling around I find that the rest of the time I am juggling fitting my ship. As the infamous skill queue slowly spits out chosen skills they give small bonuses to using and fitting different equipment.

Another level of inadequacy is added to the whole mission system is what many players refer to as ‘rooms’ these are ‘instances in space’ that you can invite others to by sharing the ‘location’… I am embarrassed to admit I have saved these ‘bookmarks’ but have as yet not found a way of pulling up a list of them to go back to… crucial if I ever start salvaging stuff after the fact! So basically an agent will send you to a ‘room to play’, getting there and back is seemingly inconsequential other than another method of ticking tocs of the clock…EVE Online the incredible flying time sink in space!


Some rooms are opened upon arrival and others add a jumpgate, some include a chain of rooms and gates… So basically a ‘dungeon in space’ although keeping the fantasy MMO flavour, a dungeon you don’t need to find and there is no exploration while getting there, and a linear dungeon with no sense of exploration other than the most primitive of ‘clear room’ to progress to next ‘room’… Ultimately it does not matter that the room is huge and that walls are invisible, giving a majestic view of the cosmos, game play is reduced to enter room kill monsters open door to next room. Where are the choices and the interaction? What sense of immersion does this give?

Sounds like I am not having fun in EVE Online, wrong! I just think the game could be much more fun!

Other commentators are mentioning the fall in subscribers within the game, a sense of an ever expanding universe which is maybe not all useful anymore at the stage the game is suffering from BLOAT, too much stuff is not always a good thing!

Others complain about that the NEW PLAYER experience is too poor (and I fall into this camp), that to survive EVE Online needs new players and to do that they need a better introduction to the game, as the game has become more complicated some form of streamlining is required to get new players to parts of the game they can enjoy without having to endure other parts that they are not interested in…

There is a mystique about EVE that I have been exposed to every time I ever heard about it, it is difficult, not for everyone, it can be tricky, you will find it hard, you will fall off difficulty cliffs, you will start off a little fish in a huge ocean. All of this stuff I had heard and I didn’t find it off putting, it is an attractive thought to succeed at something that others fail at…but it is still a game and all games must be enjoyable…

From the get-go EVE Online needs to be FUN!

At the moment, in the beginning, it is NOT.

But if the game is given some care and attention it surely can be fixed…

‘Love will rise again to heal your wings
Love heals the wings of a butterfly on a wheel’

The Mission – ‘Butterfly on a wheel’

EVE: Catch my Drift?

In this post I drifted from The Drifters to Drifters, from the Borg and the Shadows; slid across ‘black n white dualism’, including Taoist symbolism; mentioned: 50 shades of grey (ships in EVE), Japanese ukiyo-e: the Great Wave, texture and pattern; and ended up designing bed linen!


Album sleeve art…

Some of their greatest hits could be about EVE Online: There Goes my baby (Ship explodes), This magic moment (ISK in the bank), Don’t dog me  (pesky pirates),  Treasure of love (nice shiny data!),  Three thirty three (code…?), I count the tears (as another ship bites the dust!),  Steamboat (Steampunk faction?), Money honey (its all about the PLEX), Nobody but me (I jump to the wrong place?), Gone (warped away), Drifting away from you (oh so apt!), Long lonely nights (better join a corp), Such a night (when everything is rosy in game!), Let the booogie woogie roll (escape maneuver?), Lonely winds (in space no one can hear you scream or fart), What’cha gonna do? (think up a better plan!)

You can here these and other classic Drifter tunes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wa-7ni1pB8


What are they?

drifting in and out

DEV POST: http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/drifting-in-and-out-of-destruction

The EVE wiki is quite informative as well: https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Drifters

SO they may not be sleepers?

And EVE Online created this great trailer for the 2015 Fanfest: Emergent Threats


So not too unlike:

Star Treks‘s the BORG – they just wanted to assimilate, they were controlled by a HIVE mind of supposedly organic and AI origins, it was never made clear…

Luckily they were not into ass immolation… I suppose someone, someday will make the spoof porn movie for that!

I can’t see why this cannot be a future occurrence… let’s hope they are not saving this for the ‘END GAME’ with budgets gone, the final drifter super TITANS turn out to be giant cubes…

The SHADOWS from BABYLON-5 (C’mon EVE players surely you have all seen this show?)

Every Shadow ship has a sentient being enslaved as its central processing unit (CPU). This gives it incredible control and maneuverability, but leaves the ship vulnerable to telepathic attack, which the Shadows attempt to counter by installing telepaths into their ships’ cores.

There are no telepaths in EVE (as yet and as far as I know!) but this could be nicked directly from there…

So who controls the drifters in game… so far no-one knows but there is a small corporation in Iceland that seems like it knows how to stimulate them into action…


Drifter ships are BLACK! Oh no again the bad guys always wear black…

‘The hues white and black are widely used to depict opposites. Visually, white and black offer a high contrast. In Western culture, white and black traditionally symbolize the dichotomy of good and evil, metaphorically related to light and darkness and day and night. The dichotomy of light and darkness appears already in the Pythagorean Table of Opposites.’


50 shades of g_e

‘The Yin and Yang with white representing Yang and black representing Yin. The symbol is a visual depiction of the intertwined duality of all things in nature, a common theme in w:Taoism. It is believed to be derived from the 14th century Tiandi Zhiran Hetu (Heaven and Earth’s Natural Diagram of the River), Hetu (Diagram of River), Luoshu (Chart of Luo), Xiantian tu (Diagram of Preceding Heaven) and Taijitu (太極圖) (Diagram of the Ultimate Power). Here the diagram is shown against a feather edged grey background to ensure clarity when displayed over black or white.’


SO if they have black ships let’s wait until some white ships turn up to save the day…or more likely the majority of opposing forces will be grey…lots of different shades of grey…maybe even 50 shades of grey…how sexy would that be?

Not so SEXY actually!

My dream ship is stripy orange and white

And my unrealistic fantasy is a graphic skin created from ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ (神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura?) by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai.


3 suggested skins…


text3pattern OTT as normal!

That last big texture would make nice sheets as well…and that is a great idea, EVE themed bed linen!

Screenshot to bedspread…there may be money in that!

Or not…