A new Year’s EVE…

Well its time to sum up life in the EVE universe for TSU last year… it never took off at ALL! 2015 ended up with me not having returned and it continues into 2016, even to the extent that I stopped blogging 😦

My last post was Jan 11 to commemorate the passing of the Starman and a year later I am saddened that Princess Leia has also just gone…


EVE has gone F2P in its special way which I think is awesome. There are so many casual gamers out there that forking out money and/or farming ISO becomes restrictive and we stop. And I think there is a space in the game for these ‘freeloaders’ to thrive, they give back to the game, activity and fresh blood… and some of that fresh blood may eventually start paying 🙂

I would have jumped at the chance to leap back into the sandpit but having no PC rather prevents that… 😦 Lets see if 2017 is the year I escape Argentina and make it back to Europe and regain access to modern PC technology (AFFORDABLE being the focus here!)

So Happy New Year to all and sundry 🙂

Oh and special thoughts go out to Rixx Javix my fav EVE blogger and cultural icon. His RW dramas surpasses any in game EVE antics and my heart goes out to him… (cant do it directly cos his blog refuses my comments!) it all sounds so unfair and tougher than it should be. Lets hope he catches a break and can get back to business, or one of them which is being CREATIVE in EVE.

Erm maybe I to will be able to do that at some point in 2017…





EVE: Starman!


New ship design for EVE… The ‘ZIGGY’ to mark the passing of the greatest starman of them all!

No not Major Tom.

David Bowie passed today, more than an iconic musician… a poet and inspiration!

My LOTRO dedication: https://tsuhelm.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/lotro-bowie/

And of course not surprised to see EVEOGANDA also paying respects 🙂

Come on CCP if you commemorate BOWIE in game I will subscribe immediately… (Well as soon as I can actually run the game!)



EVE: 28 days later…

Not to be confused with 28 Days Later the 2002 British post-apocalyptic horror film directed by Danny Boyle…



SO what did I do today after 28 days of EVE Online… amazingly I started the last of the 5 Career agent missions: BUSINESS


That was too easy… was a pain to have to jump all the way back (ok only 2 or 3 jumps…) to take the next mission in the arc!


A Salvager is called for so I just stuck one on my over gunned destroyer…


Beam in… not BEAMING!


Took a few attempts but got there in the end!


And lastly a mining mission…oh great … but over very quick! Maybe I will finish the tutorial by the end of my first 30 days…

I wonder if I will be here 28 Weeks later from now: Jan 6, 2015

If, like me you struggle with that calculation in your head I found a cool online calculator to do it:


And will I still be EVE Online’ing after the oft talked about, maybe written but on hold film 28 months as that will be (OK I can do that in my head…2 years n 4 months) October 24, 2017…

Time will tell… unless a real zombie apocalypse breaks out and I have been eaten by then…