EVE: OOPS…well…


Catching up with the SCOPE… I had missed a few…FROSTLINE event an obvious XMAS tie-in…

If I was able to play I may even given it some attention…

For those than can…ENJOY…

I will be back at some point in the almost upon us 2016…maybe sooner rather than later…





EVE: Bod Raiders…

Well I will join in the criticism directed at this video that when compared to other scope videos it is very primitive and does EVE no favours even if the in game events are AWESOME! Animation and character models are BAD! Blood effects laughable and no sense of horror is imparted by the video at all strange given the elder game demographics… but I suppose they want as broad a circulation of the video as possible.

BOD was a 1975 animated kids series… I grew up watching it, could explain a lot!

Now Bod raiders…that is scary!

BOD he eats capsuleers brains for breakfast!


EVE: Viva Las Vegas…

EVE LAS VEGAS 2015 is taking place… I am a long way away and not even playing EVE at the moment (My wife’s computer is still not very well, it can barely run LOTRO!)

But I still follow EVE Online news online… and it was quite a good keynote posted to YOUTUBE: it didn’t exactly rock my world but 2 items were of interest enough to induce a graphical response:

CITADELS… I may never own one but…

A tale of 2 citadels

And the new brain in a box… now I really do like the sound of that…

Brain in a box


new binocs

Actually CCP is teasing us with new propulsion technology to rocket your EVE Gaming to new heights, well presumably on higher graphic settings than I am able to use…

…if I had time to game 😦

My mum is visiting from GB and so when not out and about am resting, its hard work especially as my 2 sons alternate being up on my shoulders most of the time!

Work also super busy so grabbing as much down time as possible and in an ideal world that would include more than normal gaming, in my imperfect world has bottomed out to almost nothing!

Hope to be back soon, and if work lets up will be blogging more often as well.



The Amarr Empress was attacked and presumably killed by drifters. The Seraph Titan, she was piloting was ambushed by a drifter fleet and promptly destroyed! Now there was always mystery surrounding the Empress and her cloned return, is this why the Amarr have been targetted by the drifter incursions?

I have no fucking clue! Monday TSUXX takes a bow and Tuesday TSULKS is born an Amarr adventure begins…

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46aRYr0IZi0

EVE: Sandbox, REALLY?

KensCrazyGaming YouTube video this week discuses changing EVE Online to include a little more solo content… I do not find this controversial at ALL!

Its a bloody good suggestion but I would take it even further!

EVE Online needs a mission generator, a building tool, a ‘sand mold’ for the sandbox! Players could create missions, and come on they are not exactly complex as they stand, and maybe even Corps could do the same?

So do you need something shifting across the galaxy? Of course you could send it by courier but how coll would it be to actually create a mission to get it done? How about creating NPC’s to populate the Eve Universe… what about rewards to the creator of an NPC based on the amount of interaction it is getting…

How-about missions that interact with missions? Wow some kinda stick-a-brix kinda modular content generator… Now I realize you have to keep it simple otherwise the over complex sandcastle will disintegrate into a pile of sand to be quickly incorporated back into the sandbox.

But a basic tool, which easily inserts content (and is easily removed as desired.) They could be used as narrative devices for Corps… a corp could design its own training missions for new recruits? Pirates could create traps, luring daring capsuleers chasing pots of isk into fiendish confrontations.

I suppose they could be abused, in that content could be generated for profit… but why make them free to make, hire NPC pirates, they cost per hour? Hire a Titan they cost per second! Make them profitable if done well… The ultimate act of recognition, being incorporated by CCP permanently into EVE Online!

Introduce a branching mechanism for missions… the possibilities are endless! Now that is a true ‘sandbox’ game.

Another interesting live event in EVE captured on film by delonewolf

Looks fascinating and really cool…

As mentioned in the video, CCP recently sent a drifter fleet into a player fleet for fun, now that is unique sandbox gaming at its most awesome!

If they, CCP, can combine that creativity with the endless sandbox possibilities available to them then EVE Online has nothing to worry about!

Even better if they can tap into the many, many creative minds playing the game…




They say that, ‘Monday’s child is fair of face’ well Monday Tsuxx will kick ya in da face!

Monday Tsuxx don’t give a fuxx, don’t try n give big bucks, he’s only in it for fun and frol’x!

The Boomtown Rats – ‘I hate Mondays


same moody attitude, what a poser!

Thursday TSU has been forcibly retired as even if I wanted to I could not pay for the subscription this month (Its complicated, basically I have no credit history in Argentina!… I may be able to next month after changing banks but they have gone strangely quiet as well… )and as yet EVE Online is being rather obtrusive to true gaming enjoyment, I am far from hitting any gaming sweet spot.


But Monday TSUXX did get off the starting blocks much faster! I ignored the OPPORTUNITY goals and just blasted off to the Trossere system to start the agent missions, I had somehow enrolled in the Caille University! Well I am gonna have to be a drop out of this uni as I was in RL, there is just too much fun to be had in the university of life! I did start to get slightly irritated by tossers in Trossere spaming for corps… but no real impact other than, ‘Oh wow mail…! Oh wow boring!’


That’s a big station…


…that my little spaceship couldn’t path find away from…


…eventually free…


flies off into the sunset!

And I had finished the Combat agent and almost finished the adv combat missions by the end of the weekend, if I didn’t end up faffing in the market I could have started another agent’s missions…


Atron picked up!


NPC pirate base…


Hardly a scratch…


Who needs a funky skin…I got underwater ripple animation…


I just like it!

And having done them all before I had no real nasty surprises.




Floating rocks just attract me…OK its in space but anyway…

So weekend ended on a high, Mondays truly suck (back to work!) but Monday TSUXX is having a ball.

EVE: Terraqueous

Terraqueous – Of Land and Water

Taken from Carl Sagan‘s reading of ‘Pale Blue Dot’

So as long as we don’t destroy our planet, one day a changed human kind will spread out throughout the galaxy and they will look back and wonder how they managed it… especially, as many pointed out in the following video, if it pans out like EVE Online!

They will point at a distant star and say,

“How the fuck did we not blow ourselves up!” and then less contemplatively add, “Lets go there and blow some stuff up!”

RIXX version of Carl Sagan’s reading 🙂

And now for some True Stay Frosty:

Wow thx Bryan Ward the second: bryanward2

The most creative pirate that ever lived!

Youv’e turned me into some kinda fanboy… will have to name my next free account char after you…

Thursday Tsuxx

Or maybe not…

EVE: Not a Minion…


After last week’s server stat image I created another…

No EVE last night, wife decided to use computer [It is hers…] and I was expecting a whole evening to organize a scavenger and head off for the battlefields to try my hand at being a vulture!

TIME is running out…last week before doing it all again on another ALT!