EVE: Malcontent…

Eve online die malcontent




  1. a person who is dissatisfied and rebellious.

Inspired (as always by Rixx over on EVEOGANDA), his post ‘Bitter Syndrome‘ describes how the negativity of many EVE players is damaging the game itself. That is a fact. Negativity breeds negativity.

His previous post ‘The Great Divide‘ which provocatively suggests the haters should go…’Things are changing. And it would be better for all of us, if you just got out of the way.‘ He continues that in a more positive aspect of the game needs room to grow: ‘A sense of positivity and fun that a lot of us are trying to spread around the universe.

Being malcontent is not always a negative state of being, if it can be used creatively and constructively to feedback into the game adding to a better game.

I for one support this kind of anarchic, rebellious behaviour especially if it helps: ‘…provide young players, old players, and players that just want to play, a place to do so. A place that isn’t about anger, but about joy and friendship.

The malcontent is dead…long live the malcontent!




Us Eve Online players are not only prey for pirates we ARE pirates!

This pirate themed post is in celebration of adding RIXX to my BLOG ROLL…well shiver my timbers!

RIXX, I think, is a bit of a celebrity in the EVE community, not for just his amazing EVE themed artworks which are stunning (he recently shared winning spot in the EVE art competition, ) but also for his BLOG: Evogenda which is wonderfully hardspoken and honest. If brutal at times, and what do you expect of a PIRATE.

And there is nothing wrong with being a PIRATE in EVE… indeed its an advertised career path:




Indeed they do… Also check out this PIRATE guide:


SO you wanna be a pirate:

Martin Freeman’s – So you Want To Be A Pirate!

‘So yu wanna be a pirate…
So you wanna be a pirate
In outta space
Can you punch like a Jita bound freighter
Tell me just one thing

Can you move ur ship like a humming bird’s wing
If you need to (ooh thats fast!)
Can you maneuver, can you weave can you fake and deceive when you need to?

Well, you might as well quit
If you haven’t got it…’

Based on Bugsy Malone’s ‘So you wanna be a boxer!’

Now pirates have been around a very long time and unlike the Hollywood romanticized version they were rough and tough and generally monstrous creations of circumstance, people pushed into a corner that came out swinging, in a time when rebellion was met with death, with nothing to lose they risked it all and those that succeeded came to be infamous, and invariably the pirate life claimed them all in the end, failure for a pirate meant most of all the loss of freedom and invariably death!

I highly recommend the following BOOK, read it while playing EVE… ‘The Pirates Own Book: Authentic Narratives of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers‘ by Marine Research Society, Research Society Marine, you can even read it online thanks to the Gutenberg Project:


So I am gonna be the ultimate freedom fighter, a pirate?

I am probably more likely to join the navy and hunt pirates down… but I may give in to my anarchist tendencies and do both 🙂

In EVE you can be a PIRATE and an ANTI-PIRATE

Just don’t become confused and become ANTIPASTA!

…or more fatally ANTIMATTER!